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The hussle of the menial job has kept me real busy. Let’s follow the task’s a bit that I am responsible for. It’s not tough, but at ten hour days, it gets a bit tiring. Here it goes. 1. Arrive at work, assert my inability to listen 2. Work at my own leisure 3. Hit […]

New Job Bummer


It’s like nothing changes. Everything just cycles through as I am not a huge fan of this job. The only thing that could prevent me of going in sane was thinking about the girls that I could possibly romp with in my department. It was like juggling for me. Whenever I got bored, I juggled […]

Online training


Ever heard of online training? I just applied for a job with it. Its rather interesting, I can skim the boring parts, or blog this post while I am going through the training itself. I feel a bit guilty, but its hard to feign interest with this material, and the fact I have already worked […]



The tirade of summer time is a burden. Especially when you are attempting to take courses over the summer to further your education. I,Myself am torn between consistent late nights minus further education, or early weeknights with only weekends out. Which may include studying doing those weekends as well. The choice I am going to […]