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The hussle of the menial job has kept me real busy. Let’s follow the task’s a bit that I am responsible for. It’s not tough, but at ten hour days, it gets a bit tiring. Here it goes. 1. Arrive at work, assert my inability to listen 2. Work at my own leisure 3. Hit […]

New Job Bummer


It’s like nothing changes. Everything just cycles through as I am not a huge fan of this job. The only thing that could prevent me of going in sane was thinking about the girls that I could possibly romp with in my department. It was like juggling for me. Whenever I got bored, I juggled […]

Online training


Ever heard of online training? I just applied for a job with it. Its rather interesting, I can skim the boring parts, or blog this post while I am going through the training itself. I feel a bit guilty, but its hard to feign interest with this material, and the fact I have already worked […]

Our conversation ended shortly after that. He decided to take another game with his cousin in the water. I reluctantly refused, opting to enjoy the four girls smoking across from us, one of which couldn’t have been even old enough to smoke. My friend D decided to come sit next to me to enjoy the […]

Beautiful day outside, and no job still. I ended up spending most of the day at the beach with a few friends. The breeze is amazing, the sun shining bright adding a glimmer to every half-naked body, and that scenery is just amazing. After a game of waterball, something I am convinced we just made […]