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Our conversation ended shortly after that. He decided to take another game with his cousin in the water. I reluctantly refused, opting to enjoy the four girls smoking across from us, one of which couldn’t have been even old enough to smoke. My friend D decided to come sit next to me to enjoy the […]



A Philly cheese steak pizza. Highlight of my night. Could have been more. As I hung out with a co-worker, from a previous job. We watched a movie, and just hung around. Things got slightly heated, and quickly froze over like cooling lava. Especially when her mother walked in with only the words, Go home. […]



The tirade of summer time is a burden. Especially when you are attempting to take courses over the summer to further your education. I,Myself am torn between consistent late nights minus further education, or early weeknights with only weekends out. Which may include studying doing those weekends as well. The choice I am going to […]