Daily Steps of Tandum


The hussle of the menial job has kept me real busy. Let’s follow the task’s a bit that I am responsible for. It’s not tough, but at ten hour days, it gets a bit tiring. Here it goes.

1. Arrive at work, assert my inability to listen

2. Work at my own leisure

3. Hit on anything with nice legs

4. Hit on any co-worker with nice legs as well

5. Hide my bulging erection

6. Go home

Simple, right? Sadly, I am working hard to hide this job. Its demeaning, and its rampant with 18 year old workers. Which is good and bad, the 18 year old girls are amazingly easy. The guys, well, easy obstacles to topple over?

So then my day goes on.

7. prepare dinner

8. Go out to the club/bar/house party

9. IF I return home at all, I come in stumbling, and head to do my resume and job searches, ineffective.

10. Go to sleep after and repeat from step 1.

My life needs a change. Immediately.


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