New Job Bummer


It’s like nothing changes. Everything just cycles through as I am not a huge fan of this job. The only thing that could prevent me of going in sane was thinking about the girls that I could possibly romp with in my department.

It was like juggling for me. Whenever I got bored, I juggled the thought of other girls. Though tonight I would be seeing J, and she’s a new one that I haven’t had a chance of getting into her pants. She is one of those girls who’s always relaxed and full of comedic value to alleviate any mood, when hanging out in crowds or one on one.

Maybe it wouldn’t even be sexual – unlikely – but hopefully it will be completely platonic, for once.

Don’t think of me as too pessimistic at my ability to hold platonic relationships. There is merely a correlation between my sex drive and my stress levels. The more stressed out I get, the more in need of female attention I become. It’s a secure ego boost. It helps validate my existence and my conscious worth. A sad but true realization.

And at this time my new job is functioning as the Viagra to my sex drive. The way this job functions its completely frustrating. It is far too strict, along with many rules that don’t work(I would know, I used to be a manager there at one point.)

Either way, I hope my girlfriend doesn’t catch wind of me hanging out(translation: Banging) with other girls.  I suppose I have to resolve that issue as well, its slightly immoral.



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