Nice guys DO finish last pt2


Our conversation ended shortly after that. He decided to take another game with his cousin in the water. I reluctantly refused, opting to enjoy the four girls smoking across from us, one of which couldn’t have been even old enough to smoke.

My friend D decided to come sit next to me to enjoy the scenery as well. “You like what you see?”

“Can’t really complain. How about you? Any ladies in your life?”

He gave me a bored expression, “Not really.”

I nodded, “How about that one girl I met a while ago?”

“Oh ya, she’s well… she calls me after her class on Mondays and Fridays.” He said with a disappointed tone.

I was shocked, I knew this girl was square, but this fucking predictable? This was unprecedented. She’s even plans when she calls him. “I think she just needs a good fuck to loosen her up.”

He scoffed at my vulgar response, “Maybe you should do the honors.”

“No, I don’t mess with most virgins, its against my rules.”

“You got rules?”

“More like guidelines, but either way, what do you think I would do with her?”

Everyone devises rules and guidelines with which they follow with their life. When it comes to the opposite sex and dealing with them its especially important, for without rules and guidelines you would find yourself in a heap of steaming disaster.

That is the motto of everything I do. I follow guideline, surrounded by utter spontaneous chaos. But its chaos that follows guidelines? Ya hear?

So in the next few days I will post the guidelines that dictate to which girls I am allowed to have a healthy romp with. According to the rules of course. In fact, I am as excited as a school girl to share the fact that I have some working moral fiber of which to speak of.



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