Nice guys DO finish last


Beautiful day outside, and no job still. I ended up spending most of the day at the beach with a few friends. The breeze is amazing, the sun shining bright adding a glimmer to every half-naked body, and that scenery is just amazing.

After a game of waterball, something I am convinced we just made up. My friend goes on his usual rants regarding females.

“You know, it really sucks being a nice guy.” My friend, whom will remain anonymous is still single and dying for a relationship. The anti-thesis of myself.

“Woh, don’t lump me in as a nice guy, I am proficient at being an asshole.” I shoot back at him.

“Ya, you kinda ruin it for all of us.”

“Nah, remember every nice guy had a girl turn him into that ass.”

“Well…you could slow down a little, your numbers are ludicrous. And I haven’t seen you get hurt recently anyway. ”

I check the tan on my body, indulging in momentary vanity, “Jealous much? And don’t forget everyone has their story.”

“I know, but anyway no, I would only sleep with girls I love.”

He’s quite old fashioned. I admit that I use sexual acts as a vehicle for my comfort. While for him its an act of devotion and commitment. Yuck.

I outgrew the phase where sex was for love a long time ago. My reasons withheld, but I know for a lot of other guys, there’s always that one bitch that gets a hold of their balls and heart, and rips them to shreds. After that, sex is just sex…no matter how much harder you try to piece it back together, there’s nothing left to it.

But I believe the bigger problem he has with what I do. Is that I tend to use my dick as an anecdotal tool of choice, which tends to leave some psychological scars on girls, ruining it for a ton of other guys. Till their knight in shining armor shows up, which sure as hell isn’t me.

There’s more coming later on today.


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