The tirade of summer time is a burden. Especially when you are attempting to take courses over the summer to further your education.

I,Myself am torn between consistent late nights minus further education, or early weeknights with only weekends out. Which may include studying doing those weekends as well.

The choice I am going to pick is most likely obvious. For I suffer from a case of self-imposed ADD which tracks my attention to the most interesting thing I can find at any given time. It applies to my college work, and seeps to every other facet of my life. The fact I am a 4th year junior should this quite clear.

Because of that I can only see about five feet ahead of me at any given time. Sadly, this even applies to women. For example, the one from the other night, well, does it really matter?

It seems that my focus has shifted for many reasons, which I will get into at another time.

The biggest priority right now i that I am in a position where I need wealth. I need money, and prostituting myself is out of the question. I am too easy. At least I always need to get my fix at no price.

So I am now busy debating between school, applying for jobs, and wondering how I just fucked this girls brains out and I don’t care at all.

I don’t think I plan to call her for a while to come. Not per say she wasn’t good in bed or wasn’t willing, or tight enough. That was just it, she was very tight. Surprisingly.

Perhaps I am a creature of conquest, in the process of becoming the Alexander of G-strings and Vadges. If i haven’t taken it off, or been in it. I will do whatever I can to have it.



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